After a year-off from the public eye, Ed Sheeran is finally back with his latest album ‘÷’ which will be realsed on March 3rd 2017 from which we got to listen to “Castle on the hill” (which video came out a week ago) and “Shape of you”.

Shape of you has been described as a “non-sheerany” song when it came to its lyrics. With its highly sensitive body description and physical-attration deductions, Sheeran has played very well on his words, as well as his choice of the theme of the music video which has surpassed all expectations given that it went far and beyond the “physical” in its objective form to accentuate its beauty and strength.

The boxing and the funny sarcastic vibe that is going on in the music video are few of the reasons why the video got more than 1.2 Million views in less than 7 hours from its realease, and an extremely paradoxical comment section. Some are raving about how perfect the video is, while others are a little confused and found that the video was completely irrelevant to the lyrics.. But nobody , however, is questioning how good the song is!

Let us know which side are you on when it comes to our newest earworm!