A part of the world will disappear

The part of those chained in fear

Their loud silence Man can’t hear

When they’re dead we interfere

We interfere to wash a heavy shame

One day our lives weren’t the same

You had power, money and fame

A doorless house was my photoframe

Isn’t desperately late when you came?

Trying to share my lifetime pain

Isn’t too late now to hear the blame?

You’ve already reached for your aim

But I kept on waiting for the sun

To touch me smoothly with warm rays

Fill me with energy so that I run

Chasing what for I ever pray

I waited for the sun to come up one day

So that I love my Destiny like you say

A beautiful dream, dream kept me alive

Lived in me, made my veins survive

Had me resist living on part of the world

Roseless part, dry the year around

Why don’t you make it come out of drought?

So that of your life you completely be proud

Spread the love, care for the other


Saida Gharbi, étudiante en première année Licence Fondamentale en Droit.