The best part of your life is when you realize that nothing lasts forever , even wonderful things , or shall i say , especially good things .. because the bad lasts more .. lasts even after the disappearance of the good .. as if it were the origin of things , the original state in life matters .. isn’t the end of a good thing already a bad one ? .. but even the end of the bad could be good .. but we wait for it as if the original state were greatness .. actually there is no original state .. there is no eternity .. there is a war , an infinite war between black and white . . Good and bad .. between paradoxes could simply be embodied in the famous “yin & yang” but the only fact is “the end” .. but even the end has as paradoxical concept “the beginning” .. every end is a new beginning .. and every beginning has an end .. there is a certain balance in life rules .. there is relay between paradoxes .. does this make the truth be “the beginning” as an original state instead of “the end ” !? . . Well as i said the last time “truth ” doesn’t exist unless the fix one , _ empirical evidences_ .. so anyone could be the original fact .. for the pessimistic , it’s the end of every good thing and the beginning of the worse .. for the optimistic it’s the end of the bad and the beginning of the better .. for the realistic , no hope , no lies , no negative vibes nor positive ones , it’s the reality as it is .. so it is better to enjoy the rule of paradox , that’s in reality , the both cannot exist together in the same time .. let’s live every moment as it comes to us , there is always the time for that even if it will be some seconds .. it is a chance anyway . . But by coming back to the first sentence , why discovering this would be the best part of someone’s life ..? The answer is that it gives us the ability of acquiring the power of indifference .. the power of serenity .. of calmness .. peace .. and silence .

Emna Khelil, étudiante en première année Licence Fondamentale en Droit à la faculté des Sciences Juridiques, Politiques et Sociales de Tunis.